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Seasonal Brand Personalities: My Secret Weapon for Blog Branding -

Have you ever wondered how the pros seem to pull together beautiful, cohesive brands at the drop of the hat?

For some, it’s pure talent.

For others (like me), we rely on a little secret weapon: seasonal brand personalities.

These little guys can totally transform the way you think about your brand and how you go about designing it. So today, I’m dropping all the knowledge I have about seasonal brand personalities.

What is a seasonal brand personality?

Seasonal brand personalities are basically just archetypes of different kinds of brands. They serve as guides for both visible and intangible parts of your branding.

Visibly they inform your fonts, your colors, and the imagery that you use.

Intangibly they inform how your brand talks and feels.

Why use a brand personality type?

There are two main reasons you want to use a seasonal brand personality.

First of all, it helps you make decisions a lot easier–especially when you start getting into the visual part of your branding.

Especially when you’re trying to DIY your branding, it can be really overwhelming. There are so many different choices.

By having a seasonal brand personality type, you have some guidelines about the sorts of things that work really well for your brand personality and your story, and so it helps you make those decisions a lot easier.

Secondly, you can actually use seasonal brand personalities to create something truly unique by mixing and matching with a main and secondary personality type, so you’re sure to find something that fits perfectly for you.

The 4 Seasonal Brand Personalities

There are 4 different seasonal brand personalities: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Let’s dive into them now!


a straw bag full of bright pink flowers  - evoking a spring seasonal brand personality

You know that feeling you get when you hear the birds chirping after a long winter or have the first sight of a blooming flower?

That light, enthusiastic feeling is what spring is all about, and it perfectly encapsulates spring brand personalities as well.

Spring brands are bursting with life and are full of ideas. They’re fresh, uplifting, vibrant, friendly. They make their customers think: “Hey, I want to be friends with them.” And the spring brand wants to be friends too.

If you and your blog are all about lifting others up and inspiring them to be their best selves, then you’re probably a spring brand personality.

Design Recommendations for Spring

One of the most important things a seasonal brand personality does is inform your visual branding. Here are a few design suggestions for spring personalities:

When it comes to colors, it might seem pretty obvious that they should use light, bright and clear colors. You can, of course, use bright, fun, pinks and yellows that emulate spring flowers or gentle Easter pastels, or you can get a bit more creative with your colors–as long as they evoke a feeling of optimisim

Fonts with clarity and rounded shapes are perfect: modern sans serifs and bubbly scripts are really good.

When it comes to shapes, textures and patterns, you want to have really clean, fine lines and simple shapes.

Fun and bright patterns are perfect for spring personalities. Think circles, polka dots, and other ditzy, busy patterns.


a woman in a flower shop - evoking a summer seasonal brand personality

Is there anything more perfect than a hazy summer evening by the lake sipping sweet ice tea and watching the sunset?

As summer comes in, so does a slower pace of life–but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less perfect. The same is true for a summer brand personality.

Summer brands are really calm and relaxed. They’re also elegant, romantic, and luxurious. They’re all about grace and style, and they pay really close attention to every single detail and want to make sure that every experience that their clients or their readers have is as top-notch as possible.

So if you and your blog are on a quest for perfection and elegance, then you’re definitely a summer.

Design Recommendations for Summer

Summer brand personalities should use cool, delicate and muted colors. Think shy lavenders and lush English roses, deep burgundies, etc. More establishment colors like navy blue can be acceptable as well if that’s more your style.

For fonts, classic serifs and really flowing, fine script fonts are perfect.

When it comes to shapes, textures, and patterns, swirling lines and delicate florals are perfect for summer brands. Textured papers or watercolors are really excellent textures.


an autumn-themed desktop - evoking an autumn seasonal brand personality

When it comes to autumn seasonal brand personalities think of sweater season, pumpkin spice lattes, crisp piles of leaves to jump into, and apple picking. Everything cozy, right? There really is no better way to describe autumn than evoking these images, and the same is true for autumn brand personalities.

Autumn brands are warm and cozy and trustworthy. They embrace change, but they do so with a respect for tradition, and there’s really nothing more important to them than substance and integrity. And it shows in how they conduct their businesses and their blogs.

So if you find yourself feeling optimistic at the first change of leaves, then maybe you’re an autumn brand personality.

Design Recommendations for Autumn

For colors, think about using warm, intense, and muted colors. Oranges, yellows, and reds of the turning leaves are a good place to start. Browns, deep purples and other earthy colors are also good.

For fonts, they should feel really informal, chunky, and hand-rendered, perhaps even a little vintage.

Natural textures really are the name of the game for Autumn branding personalities: acrylic or gauche paint, wooden slats, textured paper, etc.


a marble tabletop with a black mug of hot cocoa and black candle - evoking a winter seasonal brand personality

Close your eyes and think of sparkling sunset against crisp white snow, whistling winds, and mistletoe hanging from a doorframe… Winter is really a season of extremes and stark contrast.

So are winter brand personalities. They are realistic and reliable while being opulent and luxurious at the same time.

They’re fcused and they know how to get things done, but they also ooze success and elegance and they know it.

If you’re really about making a strong impression, then you’re definitely a winter.

Design Recommendations for Winter

For colors for winter brand personalities, you want to use cool, strong, intense and clear colors like blood reds and ice blues.

This is also the only brand personality that can use pure white and black as distinct, integral parts of their color scheme.

For fonts, you just want them to be clean and strong, and clean, strong shapes are the name of the game for winter personalities as well.

You generally don’t use a lot of textures for winter personalities, but if you do want to use some sort of texture, metallics are a really great option.

What is your seasonal brand personality?

When it comes to choosing your brand personality, you probably already have a decent idea of what it is. But to get really clear on it, I highly recommend taking this quiz I created! You also get an even more detailed breakdown with your results which can come in handy if you’re DIY-ing your branding.

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Have you ever wondered how the pros seem to pull together beautiful, cohesive brands at the drop of the hat? For some, it's pure talent. For others (like me), we rely on a little secret weapon: seasonal brand personalities. These little guys can totally transform the way you think about your brand and how you go about designing it. In this post, I'm dropping all the knowledge I have about seasonal brand personalities. Click through to read!


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