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10 Collateral Ideas for Your Blog - Yonder Design Co

When someone lands on your blog or sees an image you post on Instagram, they should immediately be able to recognize it.

Familiarity with a brand builds trust, which is one of the reasons why having a brand–not just a logo–is so important! And one of the best ways to build familiarity is with branded collateral items!

Whether you’re working with a designer to re-do your blog’s branding or simply looking for an idea of the kind of graphics you should have for your blog, these collateral ideas are sure to spark some inspiration!

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What the heck is a collateral item anyway?

A collateral item is any piece of design that you use to promote your brand. It can be printed or digital, small or large.

Any time you post a quote image on Instagram or send a postcard to a client, that’s a collateral item.

By using your brand guidelines to design your collateral items, you also create a sense of consistency for your followers and readers, which is one of the reasons it’s so important to have not just a logo but a brand!

Whether you’re working with a designer to re-do your blog’s branding or simply looking for an idea of the kind of graphics you should have for your blog, these collateral ideas are sure to spark some inspiration!

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1. Business Cards

If you’re looking for a simple collateral item that every business owner needs, then you can’t go wrong with a good business card.

Now, you might think that as a blogger you don’t need a business card, since you’re biz is entirely online, but the opposite couldn’t be more true! If you’re planning on going to any blogger conferences or networking events, then business cards will become invaluable.

A well-designed and creative business card, like these ones for Anna Beck Event Planner, will also help you to stand out from the crowd.

2. Email Signature

There’s no doubt that you’re probably sending a lot of emails as a blogger. One easy way to make yourself look instantly professional is with an email signature that POPS!

There are a few different email signature generators out there online, or you can go fully custom if you’re working with a graphic designer.

3. Pinterest Template

Pinterest is one of the most powerful traffic-driving engines out there–if you use it correctly. And one of the ways to make sure that you’re using Pinterest effectively is to have attractive, click-worthy images for your pins.

I’m honestly surprised how many times I go on Pinterest only to see really ugly looking pins, though (just putting it out there).

When you have a stunning pin that makes people stop mid-scroll, you’re sure to drive traffic to your blog!

Pinterest template design for Pink Caddy Travelogue

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4. Instagram Stories Templates

If you’re a big user of Instagram Stories (I know I am), then you might consider getting some templates for them designed.

The Blonde Abroad has some absolutely gorgeous Instagram Stories templates for her blog posts that make me swipe up every time!

5. Instagram Highlight Icons

Another great way to up your Instagram game is with Instagram highlight icons! Instead of being stuck with whatever image Instagram chooses from your story to put as the cover, highlight icons make your profile look super put together.

The Blog Abroad’s (@glographics) Instagram highlight covers use fun icons + her brand colors for a fun and professional look!

6. Quote Graphics

If you love posting inspirational quotes on your Instagram and other social media, then another great option for your collateral ideas are quote graphics!

A lot of people will post these sort of willy-nilly, so if you have beautifully branded ones you’ll definitely stand out.

For example, the quote graphics for The Goal Digger podcast all have fun handwritten designs which follow the same vibe on Jenna Kutcher’s website!

7. Opt-in/Ebook Template

If you’ve done any work on growing your email list, then you’ll know that one of the best ways to get people to sign up is to offer an opt-in freebie like a checklist or ebook.

These opt-in freebies will often be one of a person’s first introductions to your blog, so having it branded with the same colors, fonts, etc. that you use on your homepage will make sure that they recognize it the next time they land on your page.

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8. Social Media & Newsletter Headers

The email header for my newsletter. Super simple, but it does the trick!

Once you get your ideal reader to sign up for your newsletter with that gorgeous branded freebie, you’ll want to make sure that they recognize you immediately when your emails land in their inbox so they don’t unsubscribe! The best way to do this is with a branded newsletter header image.

And while you’re at it, why not get some branded header images for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. done as well?

9. Media Kit

The first page of Bright Lights of America’s media kit

If you hope to work with brands as a blogger, you’ll know that having a media kit is super important. This is what you show to brands so they can see your stats and what you have to offer.

Having your media kit branded with your fonts, colors, etc. adds an extra level of professionalism that shouts “work with me!” to a brand!

10. Campaign Report

Finally, once you’re actually working with brands, a campaign report is a great way to show that you’re super professional–as well as showing the brand the amazing results they got from you.

A campaign report can be as simple as sending over screenshots, but putting together a comprehensive report shows that you go the extra mile. So having a branded campaign report is a great collateral idea!

And that’s it for these collateral ideas for your blog. Which ones do you think are the most important? Tell me in the comments below!

And of course, if you need any help with designing collateral items for your blog, don’t be afraid to contact me 🙂

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Are you working on branding your blog? Then you're probably looking for some collateral ideas! These 10 collateral ideas range from important physical things like business cards to fun quote graphics and useful media kits. It's everything you need to run a beautiful blog brand! #graphicdesign #branding


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