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8 Reasons You Need A Cohesive Brand Identity, Not Just a Logo - Yonder Design Co

If you’re starting a new business, you probably already know that you’re going to need a logo. It’s one of the first things every business owner should invest in.

But what if I told you that having just a logo isn’t going to cut it? That if you really want to succeed with your blog or business, you’re going to need cohesive branding. That without a comprehensive set of visual representations of your brand, you might never reach the level of success you’re hoping for.

In this post, I’m going to delve into why that is and the benefits behind having a cohesive brand identity. So let’s get started!

What’s the Difference Between A Logo and A Brand Identity?

Okay, so first things first: what even is the difference between a brand identity and logo? Well, a logo is a graphic identifier for your business. When someone sees it, they should immediately think of your business.

But what are they thinking about when they think about your business? That’s your brand.

According to Seth Godin,

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

So the emotions, images, and values that come to mind when a person sees your logo are just as important as the logo itself. You want to be thinking about those things from the get-go.

And one of the best ways to get your brand’s message across is with a well-built brand identity, or the cohesive visual representation of your brand. This means thinking not just about your logo, but about the colors and fonts you’re going to use, the graphics and photos you’ll use on your website and social media, logo variations… the list goes on and on.

1. A good brand tells your customers what your business is all about.

A logo is one really simple way to communicate to potential customers your business name and tagline, for example. But what about the colors on your website? The fonts? The images and patterns? Every single one of these things communicates something about your brand to your customer.

Take color, for example. If you know anything about color psychology, you know that different colors give off different vibes. A light blue, for example, can be calming, while a bright red might indicate danger. Picking a color that corresponds with your brand’s personality is important because of this: you don’t want to use a color that gives off a sense danger if you’re a brand that’s all about making life easier, right?

So having a cohesive, well-designed brand with visual elements that communicate your brand’s personality will tell your customers what your business is all about: be it a calming spa or a fresh, exciting lifestyle brand.

2. Having a cohesive brand looks professional.

Think about it. If you go on a website that has a beautiful pale blue logo but then is using super jarring oranges and reds for the links and headings, you’re probably going to think that they have no idea what they’re doing. This is because they’ve failed to think about branding.

When you have a dedicated brand color palette and fonts, for example, then every element of your website will look super cohesive and professional. This can also carry over to your social media graphics, paper promotional materials, and pretty much everything that you do in your business.

And because having a cohesive brand looks so professional, it can make you look like you’ve been in business for years and know what you’re doing, even if you literally just registered your business and are still learning the ropes. And that is some serious power.

3. Branding helps build trust.

If there’s one thing in this world you should value, it’s building trust with your potential customers. No one is going to buy something from a business that they don’t trust.

Having cohesive branding is one really effective way of building trust, because when your brand is consistent people assume that you will be, too.

4. cohesive Branding gives your business more chances to be recognized and remembered.

You want your business to be remembered, right? A logo is one chance for that to happen — when someone sees it they’re probably going to think about your business. But what do you think of when you see this bright yellow and red combination? McDonald’s, right?

Even someone as simple as having a color palette that is distinct to your brand which you use in EVERYTHING you do can provide even more chances for your blog or business to be remembered.

There are bloggers out there whose Pins on Pinterest I recognize immediately. Instagrammers whose posts I know are theirs before I’ve even scrolled a quarter of the way down their image on my feed. And I’m always excited to see them because I know I’m about to get some really quality content. Which is signaled to me because I immediately recognize their brand and I don’t even have to see their logo.

Now THAT is good branding.

5. Good branding will attract the customers that you want.

As great as it would be to be able to sell to every single person in the world, it’s just not possible. And honestly, you probably don’t want to sell to every person in the world. If you think about your ideal customer, it’s probably someone whose values align with yours and whose life would be made legitimately better by buying your product or service.

Branding is one really good way to attract these ideal customers.

Take Lush, for example, which centers its branding around being cruelty-free. They want customers who believe in paying more for quality, cruelty-free products. Not customers who would rather spend less and support animal testing. So their branding is attracting the customers they want.

Illustrated icons on Lush's website footer

Illustrations on Lush‘s website footer that totally match their brand identity.


6. A good brand guides everything that you do.

So customer perceptions are great and all, but there are also some really important back-end advantages to having cohesive branding. For one, it will guide you in everything that you do. That means when it comes to making a new social media graphic or coming up with a new marketing campaign, it’s going to be so much easier to decide what you want to do because it’s going to align with your brand.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much of my time freed up when I realized this with my travel blog. Instead of pulling my hair out every time I needed to make a new graphic, I was able to make Pinterest pins in minutes and suddenly all of my social media banners looked the same and looked SO MUCH BETTER.

Yup, you heard me right. Having a cohesive brand identity will guide everything you do AND save you time.

7. It helps you write copy.

If you’re anything like me, sitting down and actually writing out copy for your business can be one of the most painful things you do. A lot of the time I don’t even know where to start.

But when you have a brand, writing copy gets a lot easier. That’s because you already know what you want what you’re writing to convey, the ideal customer you’re talking to, and all the rest of it.

8. It will stick with you as you grow.

Logos can become outdated in a matter of years. That’s why brands like Starbucks are constantly updating theirs. But when you have cohesive branding, changing a logo or other element won’t seem so jarring. No one freaks out when Starbucks switches up their logo, do they? That’s because the rest of their brand identity stays intact. The colors, the fonts… everything.


The Evolution of Starbucks' Logo

The Evolution of Starbucks‘ Logo


Good, cohesive branding identity will stick with you and your business as you grow, evolving to fit your needs and making sure that your customers always know it’s you on the other end.

Branding is more than just a logo, it’s an experience. It’s the way you feel when you see a business’ logo or website. It’s the way a potential customer decides they want to make a purchase from you and not one of your competitors.

There really is no end to the upsides of having a cohesive brand identity. The ones I’ve listed here is just a beginning.

So tell me: do you have a cohesive brand identity? If so, what are some of the benefit’s you’ve seen from it? If not, what are you waiting for?

Now that you know you need a cohesive brand identity, you might be wondering what you need to get here. That’s where my new complete branding checklist comes in. Sign up below and you’ll be well on your way to a beautiful new brand identity!

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