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The 7 Brand Components Your Blog Needs - Yonder Design Co

One of the most important things you can do for your blog is to create a consistent brand for it. But how do you actually go about doing that? What do you need to have? In this post, I’ll go into the 7 most important brand components that every blog needs–from your brand story to your website.

So let’s get started!

Intangible Branding vs. Visual Branding

In general, there are two basic parts that make up a brand: the intangible brand components and the visual brand components.

Intangible branding is about a brand that you can’t see, like its story, its values and its personality.

Visual branding, on the other hand, is everything about a brand that you can see. That’s things like its logo, its website, and its business cards.

You need BOTH intangible and visual brand components to make up a complete brand.

So what makes up these two different parts?

Intangible Brand Components

intangible brand components are integral

Like we just talked about, intangible branding is everything about a brand that you can’t see.

Some of the most important intangible brand components for your blog are your brand story, your mission and values, your ideal reader, and your brand personality.

Brand Story

Your brand story is a cohesive narrative that shows not only where you started, but where you are now, how you got there and where you’re going. It also encompasses the rest of your intangible branding, like your mission and values and your brand personality.

It really just says, this is who I am, this is what’s important to me, and I help these people because this is what’s important to me.

Everything that makes up your brand comes together to tell your brand story.

Mission And Values

The next important piece of your branding that you want to have in place is your mission and values.

Your mission is essentially just what you set out to do in this world. It’s why you write your blog.

Your values, on the other hand, are the things that you hold most important. They inform how you go about completing your mission, so these two things really go hand in hand.

Ideal Reader/Customer

Alongside your mission and brand story, you want to have an ideal reader (often called an ideal customer) in mind.

Your ideal reader is just the singular person who you talk to when you write your blog post and create any products that you might have.

It’s the person who needs your help and will fall in love with your brand the second that they find you.

Brand Personality

Finally, you want to have your brand’s personality in place.

Your brand personality is essentially just how you talk and portray yourself as a blog/brand.

Your personality also shows through the visual parts of your brand.

You can have a fun brand and edgy brand, a serious brand, or really any number of different brand personalities.

Visual Brand Components

Once you’ve got your intangible brand components laid out, the next thing that you’re going to want to create is the visual branding for your blog.

Your visual brand includes all of the different things that you can see-from your logo to your Pinterest pins.

You want to create your visual branding after your intangible branding because you want your intangible branding, like your personality, to inform your visual branding. This way, your visual branding will reflect what’s most important to you as a blog brand.

Here are the different components that make up the visual part of your brand.

Brand Style Board

The first–and most important-visual component you want to have in place is your brand style board.

A brand style board is basically just graphic that outlines exactly what your brand is going to look like.

It includes your main logo, an alternative logo/sub-ark, a favicon, colors, fonts, textures and patterns, graphic elements, and sometimes even images.

With a brand style board on your side, you can assure that every visual aspect asset that you create matches up to your visual brand. So it’s an absolutely invaluable part of your toolkit.


a website is one of the top brand components you need to have for your blog

For bloggers one of the most important visual components of your blog is obviously your website.

Your website is your home on the internet. It’s where you drive everything towards, so you really want to make sure that your blog’s website absolutely shouts your brand.

This is done through simple things like making sure you use your brand’s fonts and colors. You can also do more complicated things like making sure that the images that you use are visually in line with your brand.

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Collateral Items

Finally, you have your collateral items.

Your collateral items are all of the extra little things that you use on the internet and in real life to support your blog and your brand. Things like Pinterest templates, social media headers, Instagram stories, your media kit, business cards, and more.

And when you have all of these different things follow your visual brand guidelines, they look super cohesive and professional. And that’s when you really start to have a truly brilliant blog brand.

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And there you have it – the 7 brand components your blog absolutely needs! Be sure to download a copy of the blog branding checklist below for a complete list of things you need to create an amazing blog brand.

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Want to create a brand for your blog? Here are the top 7 brand components you NEED to have in order to make your mark as a blogger. They include your brand story, mission statement, and brand style board. Click through to find out what else you need! #branding #branddesign


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